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Dear All, 



I am an F1 student working on OPT period in company A  and company A is filing h1b for me this year. But I have almost got a better job in my core area in company B , but waiting for their decision which will be told in 3 weeks time. Since it has already  been March 17th  and the decision hasn't been finally taken by company B to hire me, I am not in a position to tell company A to not file my H1 application in case company B doesn't doesn't hire me.



If company B decides to hire me by April 15th, then my h1b petition from company A would have already been sent to USCIS. In such a situation what are my options if company B unconditionally asks me to  join work ASAP(they can't wait till october 1 to transfer h1 if at all my  h1 application through company A gets picked up). 


In the event of my h1 application getting picked up in lottery and me wanting to switch to company B asap, can I, in some way, cancel my approved h1b and go back to the rest of the opt period gained from my masters program(f1 visa). 


Thanks in advance :)



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