Transfer Scenerio--- H1B(comp A)--- H1B (comp B)---H1B(compA)


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I was working with company A (consulting company ) on H1B  and then I joined company B on H1B (as a full time) . Now I want to go back to company A on H1B.



Comp A -- worked around for 7 months -- consultant -- H1B validity Oct 2016

Comp B -- worked for almost year -- full time . --- H1B validity --- Mar 2017


As Comp B not able to do my GC now, so I spoke to my consulting company and they are ready to take me back..


The H1B from comp A was not revoked, so:


1) Do I need to intiate a transfer of H1B from comp B to comp A

2) can I go and join Comp A any time based on previous H1B validity of 2016?

3 ) If I do transfer from comp B to comp A, and it get rejected and I resigned from my full time opportunity (comp B)... i will be out of sttaus immediarely as comp B will revoke the petition immediately.


please let me know what should be the best way..






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