Eligibility for H1B Cap exempt or not


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Dear Sir/Madam,


I stayed in USA for Total 4.5 Years ( Duration Jan 2005 Till June 2009). I went to USA in Spring 2005 on F1 Visa and completed my Masters degree in Engineering ( Spring 2007).


Later during OPT period ,my H1 B Petition was filed and then approved by Employer A  in STEM Category ( 20,000) Quota. Eventually got my H1 B Visa in Mexico , Matamoros for the below H1 B duration.


Start date = Oct 1 , 2007


End date = Sept 30 , 2010


Later moved to India , in June 2009 , hence haven't utilized my Total 6 year Tenure of my H1 B status.


Now if I want to go back to USA again , do I need to file a New H1B (under 65,000 quota) from India by finding a New Employer (B) and then get stamped in India




Am I eligible for H1 B Cap Exempt , IF yes till what duration.




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