Question on which service center to send the I-129 Petition


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Our H1B and H4 are up for an extension in a few days. My employer's head office is in Jersey City, NJ and my work site has always been and it will be Bothell, WA too going forward. My past I-129 petitions have always been filed with the California Service Center. But it appears that this time the Law Firm that I work with has sent the I-129 petitions to the Vermont Service Center.


Has there been any change recently that I was not aware of where the Service Center to send the I-129 should be based on the Employer's Head Quarters instead of the Employee's Work site?


Can someone who knows these matters very well clarify if there may have been some mistake from the Law Firm's part? I am more concerned to set right things instead of finding fault with the Law Firm. Mostly I trust the Law Firm. But it is best to verify facts.


Thanks in advance for all your help.

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