I-140 withdrown


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Can someone help me with my situation?


I completed 6 years on H1B, I-140 approved, then moved to a new company, went for extension based on approved i-140 (7th year extension and transfer applied at the same time), got 3 years extension based on this approved I-140.


This H1 is going to expire in October 2015, few days back I came to know that my previous company withdrawn i-140. 

Current company just started the PERM filing, I dont know I will be able to get the PERM approval before Oct 2015. 

What are my options if I dont get the PERM approval before current H1 expires.



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Thanks jairichi and rahul,

Can I exit US towards the end of Oct 2015 and apply for H1 Extension from India once I receive PERM approval or past 365 days of PERM filing?

Yes, either I140 is approved or PERM is pending for more than one year. Just PERM approval is not sufficient for H1 ext.

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