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My I140 was applied on sep 30, 2014. How long it will take for it to process under regular process. Any inputs are greatly appreciated.


I see the process time as 4 months in USCIS  case status  site. But it is in my 6th month of filing, but no change yet.



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Difficult to say how they select the file as different officers are assigned cases and can change the review time. I have also heard of cases getting approved sooner than 4 months but also know that it can take longer. 

Your employer/lawyer can request an update.

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Hi ashuneel, did you get your i-140 approval after a year? was it filed in texas service center? do you know why it can take upto a year? did you get any RFEs?

I have 2 I-140's from different employers . first took 1 yr and recent one took 4.5 months. I have seen other cases take upto 1 yr so that would be my estimate. BTW both my cases were filed with NSC ( LIN#).

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