F1 to H4 Stamping


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I entered US on H4 visa in Feb 2014. I started attending a university on my H4 in Sept 2014 and applied for COS and my F1 was approved to be valid from 20 Jan 2015.


My spouse H1 visa and my H4 visa got extended from Jan 1 2015 to Jan 1 2018.  I want to change my status back to H4 because of the H4 EAD rule which will give me opportunity to work. But if I apply COS in US it is taking 3-4 months where I will loose the chance for applying EAD on May 26th.

Also if I don't enroll to university by 30th of this month my F1 will become invalid. I am planning to go to India for H4 stamping this month before 30th. 


I am eligible for dropbox as I am going for the same visa that I have in my passpor that was expired two months ago.


Q1: Will my changes of status to F1 effect my stamping?


Another concern is that I have two I-797's one for H4 extension valid from 1/1/2015 to 1/1/2018 and another for F1 COS which was approved and valid from 1/20/2015.


Q2: I am not sure if my H4 I-797 is valid to take for stamping because I got my F1 COS approval after my H4 extension approved.

Q3: Should I take my H4 I-797 form or my spouse's H1 I-797 or my F1 I-797 for stamping?

Q4: When I leave US which I94 should I return at the airport, will that effect my return ?

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