Admin processing Aug -sep -2011 tracker ( Hyderabad)


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This is just to track the admin processing delays:

Please provide the details as below:

Interview date : Aug -22nd -2011

e-mail received ( any ): No

Any 221g issued: No.

Interview location: Hyderabad.

Visa approved date: Sep 23rd approved. and received passport on Sep 26.

Let us keep this thread

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Hi Everyone,

I attended my H1 B visa interview today. Asked all questions on Employer- Employee relationship.

Answered all of them perfectly and i think VO was satisfied.

But last question made my dad with Blue slip.

VO: Letter to USCIS from your employer doesnt specify the Vendor name (Mine is EVC Model). Have to confirm whether USCIS was informed about the vendor in between the client and your employer

Me: I showed him the I-129 petition which had letters from my Vendor and Client which clearly stated about the Vendor. ALso showed him the PO, Contract letters between my employer and Vendor, Vendor and Client. Also showed him the client letter.

VO: I am going to keep all this documents and contact USCIS to make sure they know about this relationship and handed my Blue Slip with case number.

Me: How much time will it take for this process

VO: One or two days at the max

VO kept my passport , I-129 and other docs like client letter, letter to USCIS etc

No sure how long its going to take. I went for H1b stamping earlier on May18 2011 which was rejected under 221g yellow slip at Hyd. Its already been more than 4.5 months i have been in India.


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Hi All

I just attended the interview and came out

My Case

ATTen-September 30th

Case-221g Yellow

Documents asked-Nothing

Took docs -All including Client letter,Vendor copy


Please advice how many days to you guys think to get this process done

VO told Your petition is under review and they are going to send to USCIS for review and will furthur contact you and we will let you know

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@rasheed: that is very much possible. Anyway all muslim names have to go through admin processing, so no doubt urs is in admin processing. Since my h1b is from a reputed full time emplyer(direct), the VO said that my application good for a visa approval except for the admin processing. They retained only the DS-160 confirmation print out and passport and said 8-12 weeks. How much time they told for u?

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Interview date : Sep -30th -2011

e-mail received ( any ): No

Any 221g issued: Blue

Interview location: Hyderabad.

Visa approved date: Still waiting.

Muslim/Common name: NO

H1B-7th year extn: Yes

Interview went well...VO asked as a last question whether I read the booklet (H1B rights in US) - I was happy for a second but then she handed blue updates so far

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@samh52: Mine is same situation except i didnt get my passport back still. My interview was on Sept 29th at Hyd. My previous interview was on May 18th and was rejected after a couple of months. Its the same employer, same vendor n client. Gave 221g Blue with case number and passport with consulate. Waiting is the only think left now.

Hope we all get our visas stamped soon :)

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