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My H4 visa was issued in NOV 2011 with a validity of 5 years till 27 NOV 2016. My wife's H1b visa wasialso issued in NOV 2011 valid till the same date. After 3 years in Oct 2014 she got an I 797 valid till 22nd SEPT 2017. I am not living in the US but keep visiting them every month . Do I also need to go for H4 visa extention after 3 years or I do not require it. If so its been 6 months from the time my wife's I 797 was approved in Oct 2014 and I have not gone for extention as I was under the impression that as I was not living in the U.S. ,I did not require an extention. Could you please advise what I need to do if there is any irregularity in my process. I have stayed for around 30 days from the time my wife's I 797 extention was issued. I heard its a problem if one stays for more than 180 days without an extention. Would appreciate your help and guidance . Thanks.

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Thank you . Do I need to go for an extention if my H4 visa is still valid till NOV 2016. I am not living in the US but commute every month to be with the family. Some people have told me that irrespective of the validity of the stamped visa one needs to go for an extention after the first 3 years.

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