Fathers name and DOB mismatch


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Hi Everyone,

Could some one please clarify about the following ?


1. My fathers name is printed as KRISHNAMURTHY in my passport. My father recently got an passport and his name is printed as KRISHNA MURTHY (with a space in between KRISHNA and MURTHY). Will this be a problem if he goes for Visitor visa interview?


2. When I was attending my last H1B visa interview, I mentioned my fathers date of birth as 15 JULY 1958 in my DS160. My father recently got an passport and his Date of birth is showing up as : 17 JULY 1959. I am planning to attend my H1B visa interview in couple months. In the new DS160, which date of birth of my father I should mention? Can I stick to the old one or can i mention the DOB showing in my fathers passport?


Thanks for your help.

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