Employer Agreement for H1B - legal consequences.


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I have an employerA file for H1B this year in April and I have another prospective employer B filing  for H1 as well .    Employer had an agreement for 12 months. Employer B has no agreement and has good terms on employment than  Employer A.  


If in  case, both petitions are selected and approved. What happens if i abandon Employer A H1. Will that be liable to prosecution and legal proceedings?


How will Employer A come to be aware , in the case i chose to work for Employer B? . How can i willfully deny the Visa provided by Employer A



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Having multiple applications won't give you any advantage. Either none or both applications would be selected.

If you don't like the terms of employer A, why have you even applied for a job there?

It is best to commit to one employer.

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