H4 Stamping and H4-EAD Question


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Hello Experts - Can you please help me with below querys.


My current H1-B expires on  20-JUN-2015 and I got another 3 years extension based on my I-140.My wife is planning to Travel INDIA (Current Non-Immigrant Status in H1-B) and planning to get stamped on H4-Visa on May 25th.Visa Officer he/she  will give 3 Years based on  my new H1-B extension? Or As per previous H1-b petition end date ( i.e. 20-Jun-2015).


Once She get stamped based on the above Question. Let’s say example:


 1) Officially she in H4 Visa if she get end date of 20-JUN-2015 on her passport. Once she entered into country she is eligible to apply to H4-EAD? Or I need to go CBP Officer to get new I-94  card for her H4 Visa.?

 2) If her H4 got stamped her passport  based on my new extension end date ( ex:  20-JUN-2015 to 20-JUN-2018),Can she legally to travel/Enter  to United States before  20-JUN-2015(i.e. ex: MAY 31st )? and she can apply H4-EAD after 5/26/2015? Or I have to wait until 20-JUN-2015 in order to apply H4-EAD ?


Please let me know if I’m not clear with my questions.


Appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.




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