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I work for a company in California on an H-1b visa. I'm on my 8th year of H-1b and have an approved I-140. I was told today that my position was eliminated as a result of a re-org. I was given a two week notice.

I am married and my husband is also on an H-1b, with an approved I-140. I have a couple of questions:


1. Am i out of status at the end of the two week notice period? I read somewhere that there's a 30 day grace period. Would it be possible/legal for me to switch jobs (if I find one) in that grace period?

2. Since the new H-4 + EAD rule is soon going ot be in affect, does it make sense for me to just move to an H-4? Would moving to an H-4 require going out of the country for any duration of time?


Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.


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