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I have been with the same company for more than 5 years. I started as "Web Developer" while on OPT, was approved the H1B (twice), and was recently (before reaching 5 years) promoted to "Lead Web Developer".


The company has offered to sponsor GC and I was just wondering whether I could file under EB2. While researching in this forum and other ones, I noticed that it can be done if the new position is 50%+ different from the one where the experience was gained. How is this percentage defined?


Do you have any suggestions on how to make it work? I wish not to change employer, and also by being able to use the 5 years of experience, I am thinking it would be easier to make the recruitment smoother.


Thank you in advance.


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The GC position has to genuinely be at least 50% different from your current position. This can't just be a change on paper.

Does the employer have a lawyer? If not, they should get one. A good immigration lawyer knows how this works.

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