H1B Premium More than 30 Calendar Days


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I have completed only 3 years on my H1B and eligible for another 3 years of extension or more. I have approved PERM as well and I140 is under regular processing(waiting for it since 7 months. NSC EB2).I have applied for my H1B extension under premium processing on Feb 3rd 2015. My Current H1B expired on Feb 20th. I have received my receipt on Feb4th. I am currently working on my receipt. Its been 30 calendar days now and we did not receive any status update from USCIS on my h1b extension.  The online status still shows Initial review and we did not get any RFE.

On Feb 20th our employer raised a Service Request  and  we received below response from USCIS:


"The required background checks are still pending for these petitions. The standard time period for premium processing filings has not changed"


My employer is based in CA and I work in CA. I have a receipt number which starts with WAC.. Please anyone let me know if anyone faced this kind of issue before. 

Any advice on this will be helpful. Thank you.

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