H1B Consular Processing


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Right now, I am on L1B and I have another 2 years validity on that visa. To be safe.I would like to file for H1B under consular processing.I dont want to go for COS, as I want to continue to work for my L1 company as long as I wish or my company wishes.


1.When I actually want to move on to some other company may be next year, what are the ways to move to H1B status fem L1B? I heard of either going back to India and get it stamped with the offer letter of the company that you are going to join (or) ask your new company to file COS under premium processing so that you don't actually need to go to India during that time.


2.Meanwhile while I am on L1B and I want to travel to India post Oct 1st on personal reasons, then can I reenter again on L1B or is it mandatory to move to H1B to re-enter.




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