Urgent: B2 Visa extension - Visa stamp expiring soon


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Me and my wife wants to extend our visitors visa for another few months. Here is the issue:

-> My current i94 is expiring end of April

-> My original visa stamp validity (which was valid for 10 years) will be exhausted in June 1st week.


So, can I file i539, 45 days before i94 exipiration? If so, how many months can we request the extension for?



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The visa expiry is immaterial to you. You can request an EOS. They will decide the duration if they approve the request. Your valid reason is not necessarily their valid reason. Your advantage is that you need a new visa anyway for future trips and if you overstay the I94 and the EOS is subsequently denied little harm is done as long as you then leave very soon after denial.

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I have valid reason. All i need to know is how many months I can request the extension? As my Visa stamp validity is only until 1st week of June. Experts please reply..

You can request for an additional 6 months. Your visa validity does not matter here as a visa is only for entry purpose.

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