Successful Stamping@Vancouver - March 3


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Interview  on 3rd March @ 7:15 AM


VO: Good Morning

Me:  Good Morning Officer

VO: Have you been to US before...Paused for a second......and said Ohh you are applying for H1B Visa

VO: Which Company are you working for


VO: Give me your Employer Letter, LCA , PayStubs and DL

Me: Provided

VO: Did you do Masters/which University/Masters in ??

Me: Info provided. He noted this in his system.

VO: When did you graduate.


VO: When did you start working for your employer.


VO: Whats you annual Salary?


VO: He was checking my PayStubs and asked Are you getting paid every month correctly.

Me: Yes


VO handed me over some docs and told me to read those for US Rights Info and he said your Visa is approved. It will take 3 business days to process.






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I am done with my first time H1 B visa stamping in Vancouver@march 03.


Do not go 15 minutes prior to the interview time.


VO: Good Morning, How are you?

Me: Good morning, I am fine Sir.


VO: Are you applying for H1 B visa?

Me: Yes


VO: Who is your Employer?



VO: Do you have a end Client? Where do you work?

Me: Blah..Blah


VO: How much is your salary?

Me : XXX

VO: Are you getting paid on time? Do you have any problems with your employer?

Me: Told


VO: Did you do Master's in US? Where?

Me : Told


VO: When did you graduated? Which degree?

Me : Told


VO: When did you join your Employer?

Me: Told


VO: What is your role ? what did you you do on daily basis?

Me:Blah ...


VO: Give me your employer Letter, paystubs, LCA, DL and Client letter?

Me : Searched slowly and handed over.


Went thoroughly with my paystubs and LCA and returned back to me. Your visa is approved and handed over the Employee rights/US rights doc and said it will take 3-5 business days.


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Hi skaranm and san2hu,


Thanks for  sharing your visa experience.


I had my H1b interview at Vancouver consulate on the same day (March 3rd) as well. The interview was short and quick and VO asked couple of questions and asked to look into my Paystubs and W-2. Then he said my visa is approved but their system is down and he needs to verify something. Will get my passport in 3-5 business days. 


Have you guys received your passports already or not yet? 


What is the status of your application/DS-160 on CEAC website. For me it says 'Administrative processing' and i am little worried. 


Please share. Thanks and Good Luck.

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