Misspelled place of birth in Indian Passport & all H4 VISA docs

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Hello Gurus,


My wife is in H4 VISA. She did not have a birth certificate so far. We just got it done & received it. We not noticed that there is a difference in 1 alphabet between her birth cert & her Indian passport (including all H4 VISA docs). All these days, we had been thinking that her place of birth is XYZ (that is how it is in passport & all USA H4 VISA docs). From the birth cert, we came to know that her place of birth is XXZ instead of XYZ (diff in just 1 alphabet). The place XYZ is not existing at all in India. We have to change the place of birth in passport which is very evident. I don'k know how complicated the process is. The Indian embassy website asks for a court order from a Magistrate.


But my question is, how do we change the H4 USA VISA documents? Did any one face this situation. Can you please guide me?




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her BC with recent date is pretty much useless for the GC purposes..ever heard of NABC?


while spelling mistakes of names of applicants is a big road block, in this case, my personal opinion, just get NABC from with XYZ..it can be done..at the worst, RFI may be issued during 485, u will have plenty of time to address it..


spellings of most indian names are based on personal judgment..say Laxm ipuram can spelled as Lakshmi Puram also..


My cousin's father's name was mis-spelled in NABC Vs passport..it did not matter..

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NABC+affidavits are a must if BC was not registered with in an year of birth..u dont need to submit the BC  that u got now...


place of birth, with just one misspelled alphabet is pretty much trivial on non immigrant documents..and I doubt it will matter at all..


here is another thing...90% of the regular immigration attorneys will not be able to advise you regarding correcting the place of birth on H4 documents..try your local attorneys and update here.. 

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