H1-B Part time.. Please help!!


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Hi ,


I currently hold two concurrent  H1-b's and am working as a 100% employee for company "A"(consultant working at client location) and also work as a 50% employee for another company "B" (work remotely during off hours), Both the companies are located in the same state. I wanted to change my client for company A  and move to another state.


I have the following question, Please help me understand.


1) If I change my client for company "A" and move to another state, I understand that company "A" has to amend my H1-b.  I wanted to know if Company "B" should also perform any action when i change my state or amend my h1-b ,etc given that I work remotely for company "B".

2)Should I inform company '"B", that I have moved to a different state?


Thanks in advance!


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