COS from F1 To H4.


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I am in USA from Nov 2013 and I have applied to F1 from H4 on September 2014 and got the approval on February 2015, but since the approval came on the middle of the semster my university deffered my I-20 to May 2015.

So, Currently i am on deffred F1.


1. I don't want to continue on F1 from May 2015, I want to convert to H4 right away.

So, Can apply for COS from F1 to H4 now or do i need to wait till May to apply for H4.


2. If i apply to COS to H4 from F1, Do i need to take courses in the unviersity till i got the H4 approval ?


3. what is the easy way to get the H4

    a. If i go to india do i need to go for stamping for H4 ( I have a valid H4 visa till sep 2016), but since i got F1 approval in USA do i need to go for H4 visa ..?



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