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My family is in India and I'm planning to bring my daughter only (11 years - studying in India) for summer vacation to US. Her GC has been approved about 3 months back. I'm trying to get an unaccompanied minor ticket, however would like to know what are the documents needed for this travel?  Does she need to have any parent consent form? or some other documents apart from India Passort and GC card..? Please advise. Thanks.

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Thanks Jairichi & JoeF.  


One quick question though...  I'm in US and my wife/kids are in India.  


1) Can my wife "only" write a parent consent letter and get a notary public sign in India? (She will write like..."My daughter has my consent to travel alone to US and my husband will pick her at airport" - will all other details like DOB, IDs, Passport numbers etc..)  


2) Or Do I also need do make one consent letter from US (and notarized) and send it? 


Thanks for your response.

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