H1b extension denied passed four months of I-94 expiry


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My H1b extension is denied passed four months of I-94 expiration. 

What are my options now? 


File a new H1b from same company? (They will do)

Find a new job, new employer, new h1b? 

Alright passed long time after I-94 date, How bad is this? 

Will Appeal save the current job and keep me in status?





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Reason for denial?

Exit US and enter when you have a cap exempt H1B petition approved.


Don't know what is the reason of denial. the detailed email and mail is yet to come.

First time denied in 8 years of h1b. Have an I-140 is approved.

The project/job needs me, the company wants me continue for them, just the USCIS has made this trouble by denying unexpectedly.

I expect to stay in status, B1 so I can do interviews for other projects and the company can file another h1b. Once new h1b is approved then I shall leave the country and come back with a new stamp. 

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