H1B 2014 , RFE Denied, MTR Denied. Next ?


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Hello All,


I Work for Company A at the Client Location. through Vendor A and my Employer.


I applied H1-B  on April 1st 2014.

Got RFE on MAY 6 2014 :

Reason : Employer did a wrong filing , included two work orders Company A and B.

Moreover work order from company A , does not state the duration of the project nor specify the work to be perform.


My employer responded to RFE. and Got RFE Denial : August 6 2014

Reason : Work order between company A and Vendor A , states my work start date is sep 22 2013. however it does not state the duration of the project. and there is not evidence that work assignment exists between Company A and End Client. My project description says " Project functionality is fully functional and is used by workers"  This information cast doubt upon my work necessity in the project.



We opened MTR again with following docs Sep 3rd 2014.

  • screenshot from vendor A stating the project extension valid up to august 2015.
  • Email given by my manager
  • Agreement between company A and Client.

MTR Denied on Feb 14 2015.


My manager has two email address One from Company A and Other from Client.

He email id says <XXXX Contractor>. USCIS Denied this email saying that he is not authorized representative of Client.


Additionally , the work order has the start date but don't have the duration of project.

Also, agreement between the company and A and client, does not have the term of project.


Further more, the record does not says, at the time of filling   a valid work arrangement existed between client and company A, Client to provide beneficiary service through out the requested validity period.


I don't know what to do now.

My manager refused to keep the email from company A email id . 

Company A is  not giving the client letter.


I only have the the extra document saying the client has an agreement with Company A. until June 2018. ( I got this document after filing the MTR thats y did not inlcuded in MTR. )



What is the best available option for me 


Join another job and file New H1 ?

Continue in the same project and re Apply MTR?


Thanks for reading and waiting for the reply.








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