My name on L2 EAD shows FNU (First name unknown) as per my visa, appreciate for any sugession


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I am currently on L2 VISA and currectly working for an IT firm.

When i received my L2 EAD first time my name shows on that Prashansa ****** and thats my correct name. But when I applied for renewal then USCIS changed my name to FNU Prashansa ******. FNU stands for first name unknown.


As per my Passport my incorrect name is -

First name -  

Last name - Prashansa ******


As per my L2 visa on my passport my incorrect name is - 

First name - FNU

Last name - Prashansa ******


Where all other docs like my degree certificate, all other education doc, I-94, Pay stubs, Driving Licence , My old EAD, SSN shows my correct name -

First name - Prashansa

Last name -  ******


1- I am working for a IT company and don't know that they will let me work on this new EAD as my name is incorrect. I don't want to loose my job. 


2- Could you please advise me on the procedure and documentation required for name correction on L2 EAD?


3- My company is planning to apply H1B for 2016 quota for me so will this incorrect name impact on my application?


4- Also, it would be helpful if you can advise on tentative timelines to receive the name change on L2 EAD and fees if applicable?


I really appreciate your help and suggestion in advance.



Prashansa ******


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