3 year Diploma and 13 Years IT experience


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My company is willing to file for me and below are my qualifications.


1. 3 Years diploma in mechanical engineering

2. PGDCA from APEL

3. Advance diploma in Information Technology from APEL

4. Certified Internet professional from Novell Inc.

5. 12 Years of experience in software development in various roles till Architect.


Please help me if I am eligible for H1B filing.


Thank you.

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You are eligible.    Essentially , you need a 4 year bachelor degree in the field where you want to work.  However,  every missing year towards the degree can be substitute by 3 year experience.   You are qualified  per experience. 


Thank you chakrakr

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You may or may not have to add work experience depending on the job offer.  The job offer needs to match the education.  There has been an increase in RFE's when the degree is what CIS calls "generalized" such as Bach of Business Admin and the job is specific (such as accountant) or the degree is Mechanical Engineering and the job is software development. 

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