Need help Change in Employer on EAD, I485 Pending more than 180 Days


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I am with company A they hold my H1B. I have I-140 approved with company A and they also filed my I-485 concurrently with I-140 on July 18th 2014. My I-485 application is now pending for more than 180 days and recently got my EAD which valid till October 2015

I have and offer from company B and also from company C. Company B is insisting to use my EAD when I join them. 
Company C is going to transfer my H1B and port my green card process with them.
Given the above situation I need to understand:
1. Is there anything wrong in using EAD and joining B
2. I don't understand how company C can port my process. Is it effective to drop current green card process with company A entirely and start from scratch I-140, II-485 ?
I have a preference for Company B and if using an EAD is not a problem I will go with them
Please help me understand this situation.
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