H1 Transfer PP in 15 days does it include LCA


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I'm employed with Company A. Have all my paystubs etc. till date working for their client.


I have got an offer from Company B for working for their client.

I have to transfer my H1 to a new company Company C, which has started some 10 months back and have around 60-80k as their turnover last year with just 1 employee. They have filed taxes etc. for 2014.

Company B is ready to give PO and client letter to Company C.


1. Now, based on these facts, is there any possibility for my h1b transfer to get denied..Especially considering the company is too young or does not hold too much money in their bank account.. (Though for me they will have clear POs and client letter).


2. If they start processing my h1b transfer in Premium, i see that USCIS issues receipt by email and then send mail of the acceptance of the case.. What's the ideal time to receive this email?


3. I understand that the company will be filing for my LCA along with H1B transfer. If so, does that 15 days timeline include LCA clearance and h1 transfer process.


4. Company B says that I can start working once we get receipt by email from USCIS. If i start working with Company C and say in the next 2,3 weeks if my transfer gets a RFE or something, will I hold status to work with Company C?


I look forward suggestions and answers from attorneys and fellow users who have experienced like situation.


Thanks in advance.



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1. Having multiple layers is always an issue.

2. Receipt email immediately after receipt of your application. By post within a week.

3. 15 days is only for H1B petition processing and does not include LCA.

4. Better join new employer only after H1B petition approval.


Layer is like this client ->company b ->company c(prospective employee).

Will this affect my approval?


will the size of the company/turover/age be considered for h1b transfers(if  have po and client letter)?


I have only 6 months remaining for my h1b(6th year).. will that have impact on h1 transfer?

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