H1 stamping without client letter


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Hello Friends,

This is my first post, I apologize ahead if someone already posted this.

(please share that post with me)

here is my situation:

my current LCA is with old location and old client for which I am no longer working for;

I got moved to new location and worked for new client for more than 4 months and I had to travel to India due to family emergency and in the process lost my job; I am currently in Hyd, India.

Need to get my H1 stamped. I don't have job, client letter :(

Please advise on available options, thanks in advance.




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now u need to have a project and then file an amendment.



Since you changed client your H1B amendment has to be filed and approved. If you do not have a job and a client letter do not go for stamping.  It is a waste of time and money.



Unfortunately you can't get your visa bcos you no longer work for that client.



You are looking for H1b stamping to enter in USA to work.

Because you don't have H1b job in US, what is the need of H1b visa.

The same question will be asked by VO, and visa will be rejected.

 thanks all for your replies

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