PERM approved - lost job


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Hello All,


I want to thank you for your help in advance!


My PERM was filed last year September 2014, before the beginning of the 6th year. My H1b expires end of September 2015 (not including the time I was out of the country). Last week, I received the news that my PERM was approved and due to some unfortunate reasons, my employer decided to terminate me. Initially they were planning to process my I-140 as normal but as you know when it rain, it pours.. they decided against it and now they basically cut me loose with out any additional help with the I-140.


I have been applying to jobs for the last couple of weeks and do have some interviews lined up but I need some input on the following:


- Since I just lost by job is there a way for me to transfer to another VISA to stay in-status?

- If I find an employer who wants to hire me, since I have my PERM done and do not have I-140 done, can he hire me on? In that case will I have to leave the country at the end of the 6th year of my H1b (Sept 2015)? I know, I will have to restart my Labor process from scratch but seem like I'm stuck in between two process steps and cant seem to find any information on the internet.


Probably the worst day of my life... Any help will be much appreciated.



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