H1B-CAP Exempt - H1B Extension


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I was having H1b visa and I stayed in US for 3 Years with that visa status and after that I went back to India. After 3 years in India I got new I797 through company C under new CAP Exempt with 3 years validity and I came back to US.

Till date I have completed my 4th years in US (3 years with my first H1b visa and 1 Year with new CAP exempt). So my question is

1) If my company will file my extension, will that be for next 3 Years or? 

2) Does CAP exempt has its own year clock as fresh H1b (6 years) ? If so than what years?

3)  if I transfer my H1b to company D than extension would be for next 3 years or remaining years of my first H1b (2 year)

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