Successful H1/H4 Visa Stamping in Vancouver - Feb 17th


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Thanks to Murthy forum and the members who share their experiences and knowledge om immigration matters. It is a huge help and i can't be more thankful for what you do.


This was my 3rd H1 visa stamping and my previous 2 visa stampings were from Vancouver also. However, this time my wife was with me for her H4 stamping (H1 to H4 conversion) as well.


Our appointment was at 7:15 AM. Reached consulate around 6:55 and there were around 15-20 people in front of the consulate. Security folks asked about candidates with 7 am interview and moved them to front of the line.


Rest of us were asked to wait. After the 7 am folks were screened; security folks asked the 7:15 am folks to get in line. Few of the 7 am folks had their phones with them and were asked to go to a separate line to hand over phones to the security folks. There are small lockers near the entrance where they store cell phones and other small items that are not allowed into the consulate. They have a limited # of lockers; so not everyone will be lucky to get one. Plan accordingly. We did not have any items like this and were able to get into the consulate before some of the 7 am folks who had items that were not allowed inside.


Also noticed a few folks who did not have proper pictures with them and were asked to take pictures in the Photo Booth. The ad on the photo booth mentioned the cost as $10 CAD. This is probably cheaper than what we pay in US but if you want to avoid last minute hiccups; take pictures not older than 6 months and as per the requirements.


Next the interview itself, our number was called from Counter 3. There were 2 counters open at this time and the other one was counter 6.


Us: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning, can I have the DS160, I797 and Passport

Me: Handed over the DS160, I797 and Passport

VO: What is your job title

Me: Blah

VO: I need the LCA, Employer Letter, Pay Stubs, DL

Me: Passed them along. Had all paystubs from 2014

VO: What is your salary

Me: Blah

VO: Did you do your Master's here

Me: Yes and told the university name/major

VO: When did you graduate


VO: Have you been working since

Me: Yes

VO: Do you work for a client

Me: Yes

VO: Location

Me: Blah

VO: Looking at employer letter, how long have you worked for your employer

Me: X years


VO then started going over the LCA, Looked at a few Pay stubs, validated the DL.


VO: Was then typing something in the computer for a few seconds and then said Your visa is approved. He paused for maybe 2 seconds and then said wait a minute.

Me: I was thinking WTH happened


VO: Then looked at the monitor for a few painstaking seconds and then again said your visas are approved and it will take 3 business days for the passports to be available

Us: Thank You


VO did not ask my wife a single question.


Came to hotel and checked the DS160 Status. It was showing as Ready on 02/16. After the interview, the status was Administrative Processing. Later on 02/17 night, the status changed to Issued. I received the email from Loomis on 02/20 around 2 am that Loomis had picked up our passports. Checked the status of the package on Loomis website  around 9 am and it did not say that it was ready for pickup. Called Loomis customer care at 1-855-256-6647 and they informed that our passports were ready for pick up; went to Richmond location and picked up the passport later in the day.


There were a lot of Indians for H1 stamping on this day and while waiting for our turn, i saw 4 folks whose visas were approved. After the interview, when we came down to the starbucks in the building met a few other folks whose visas were also approved.


Our VO did not ask us for the client letter but the lady VO in counter 6 was asking client letters. If your client does not provide a letter, please take a letter from client about their policy to not provide such letters. During my previous H1 stamping in 2012, i took a similar letter and presented the letter to the VO during the interview and my visa was approved.


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