can file a new h1b petition if there is already approved last year(have only receipt)


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Can my current Employer 'A' file a new/fresh H1b petition, as last year a company B(I never worked with it) has filled H1b petition and it got approved(the only proof I have for this is the receipt number and i checked on USICS that its approved).

And right now B is very very sluggish and at the same time I don't want to lose the opportunity with my current employer A for filling H1b petition on 1st April 2015(lottery system).

And if it is legitimate to go ahead with A to file a new/fresh H1b petition(for lottery) for me, request you to please suggest if its mandate to tell 'A' about my last year H1b approved through 'B' and its receipt number, is it really mandatory ??

Thanks In Advance :)

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OP, you will still the get replies no matter how many posts you create.

Filing cap exempt H1 is the BEST option you have and you are not willing to take that route. It looks like you are hiding something.


Agree, but this post is more refined and more detail then the one I posted parallely. And I am not sure how to delete the already submited post.

Moreover I am not hiding any thing(and not sure what I can hide at-least here on the forum, where I am looking for unbiased answers and that too quickly, experirienced the same earlier)

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