No Paystubs - How to switch employers

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Hello Everyone,


I may get another job offer but My H1 employer is not giving me my pay stubs.


I requested them but the boss shouted on me that he is not even going to speak about it.


This is an ailing company who is unable to land me a good project. Also, they are not paying me as per LCA and when I ask them about the deductions they do not give me details.


1. I want to know what happens if I file a WH4 with DOL. Will they get me my pay stubs and missing salary if any?


2. Also, can my current employer fire me if he comes to know that I have filed a complaint? Can DOL stop my current employer from firing me?


3. My visa and petition are valid until 09.30.2015, is there any way I can get my visa transferred to new employer if I get an offer? Will the complaint form WH4 work in place of missing pay stubs?


Please help, I am in a very bad situation. Broke and desperate.


Thanks in advance!!



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