How to answer recent work experience in India


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Please stay with me, I will try to explain my problem as best as I can.


I applied for visa extension in 2013, which got rejected. Once it got rejected I came back to India on Jan 2014.


Couple of years before that I used to work for a start up company "A". It got acquired by company called "B". Last one year I'm helping company "B" from India. 


Company "B" sends salary to Company "C" every month and "C" will pay my salaries in India. Now I'm appearing for visa interview on Company "B" H1B petition.


The problem is Company "C" never sent me "Pay slips" or offer letter. I never pressured them to send me the pay slips.


In 2 days I have visa interview. I'm thinking of possible question from consulate. "What are you doing last one year? If you are working in India with "C" then show me payslips/experience letter?"


How should answer this question?


Any help is greatly appreciated. 



-- Anil

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