OPT issues. Asked to leave country in 15 days. Please Help!


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These are the details of the issue I am currently facing and I hope someone here can help me. 

They received the OPT package on November 17. I had applied to start my OPT on 2nd Feb, 2015. I checked for updates on the status of my OPT on 4, 6 Feb and there was no update. I received an email on 10 Feb stating that my OPT had begun on 2 Feb.

In the interim, although I had finished all my coursework in December, I did not receive a grade on one of my courses. I was under the impression that my lack of grade meant that I did not graduate. I tried to reach my professors on 26 - 28 Jan via email to update my grade. My grade got updated on 30 Jan. Now, my graduation date shows as Jan 5. I kept checking my graduation status online on Feb 2, 4, 5, 6 and it did not say I had graduated. So I thought my OPT was not in effect. 

Unfortunately, I was not aware of the rule that I am not supposed to work when I receive my new I20. I thought since I did not graduate yet and did not receive my OPT, I can continue to work with my part time job at the college. So I continued to work. I continued to work part time on Feburary: 3,4,5,10,11 and 12. 

After I received my OPT on Feb 10, I gave my notice immediately and asked me to work on Feb 11 and 12 as notice period. 

After I receive my OPT on Feb 11 stating that my OPT had begun on Feb 2, I got concerned about me working after Feb 2 and reached out to the immigration specialist at my University. I met her today and mentioned this matter to her and she said she would submit my violation of unauthorized work to USCIS and that I would have to leave the country within 15 days. I wanted to reach the immigration specialist much before I received the opt on Feb 10 but I couldn't get into the appointments or walk ins. I got in touch with her on 19 Feb and discussed this along with many other concerns that I required clarification for. She said she would get in touch with me today ie 20 Feb. I went to her in the morning and she asked me to come in the afternoon. When I went to speak with her in the afternoon today she mentioned that she checked with the immigration lawyer who said that it was a violation and she has to report it. She showed me the email and said I will have to leave the country in 15 days and asked me to show the ticket once I purchase it. 

I was not aware of the rule that I am not to work after I receive the new I20...I reached out to her concerned about me working after Feb 2. I have not received any email or official notice yet from anyone yet. I do not know what to do next...is there anyway I can sort this out. I did not intentionally work and it was me who reached out to the immigration specialist concerned that I may have in ignorance not followed the rules. 

I hope someone here can help me.

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Do you have email correspondences as proof that you reached out to her before all this issue popped up? If yes file a complaint with university with those evidences.

For the immigration issue talk to a an attorney from Murthy law firm.


Unfortunately, no. I would go to the office and ask to see if there are any appointments available.



You can be employed by the university as part of OPT.  Is your college job related to your field of study.


I worked part time at a cafe in my university. No relation to my degree in Mechanical Engineering

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I would like to add..turns out it is not me working in the month of Feb that I am in violation of. It is the 6 days I worked in Jan and my OPT states Feb 2. So she says I am in violation of "F1 student who worked on campus before post completion OPT approved start date" I was not aware that I need to stop working once I apply for the new OPT and so continued with my part time job at the university. She said that she has reported me and now I need to leave the country. What would be the best course of action for me at this point?

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