Advance Parole Renewal for my son - turning 21 on may 17,2015


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Hi Friends,


We are really confused even after consulting lawyers ( Pole apart reply / advise from 2 different lawyers)


My son is turning 21 on May-17, 2015. He was travelling on H4 Visa status. My  I140 is apprvoed and I485 is filed for the family since 2007. (Unfortunatly stuck in EB3).


We areapplying  for ADP/EAD renewal (Combo Card) now as my son was studying outside US and come back now. My son has ADP / EAD - 3 times in previous years.


He is planning to go back in 1 month after applying for ADP/EAD renewal (Combo Card).


Need your advise on following


Does he need to be in US when his ADP/EAD comes ?


Can I get his ADP/EAD card in US and send to him in India so that he can come back to US without issue?


Thanks a lot in Advance for all the support provided.


God Bless you all and praying ..we all get GC soon !!





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