URGENT - Can I transfer my H1 from company B to C without an approved petition (I-797) from Company B


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Dear Attorney/Respected members, 


I was laid off from company A last December 31st 2014 and immediately company B had filed an H1 petition however, we have RFE now. In parallel, I was also looking out for other opportunities and found an another FTE potential opportunity and they would be filling my petition today - Feb 19. In this case, Can I use Company B's petition which is not approved or I should use only approved petition of Company A's?   


1. My severance pay check was till Jan 30 and PTO pay checks may come in a week or two. ?

2. Should company B run my payroll from Jan onwards or will  my severe and PTO days checks will be taken into consideration ? 3. If they (Company B)  ran my payroll for Jan , Feb and March.. Can I transfer my H1 from company A to Company C or should i have go to from Company B to C. Kindly clarify ?





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