USCIS verification of employers in India


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I'm repeating the same clichéd steps by asking for this information but I'm not completely sure about my case, so would like some expert opinion.

Employer A was my first company and is a big BPO company in India, has offices here in the US.
I worked for them back in 2005 for a few months; unfortunately I have no paperwork about them at all, it being my first job and me being young and foolish.
When I made my resume which eventually went through my H1B, the dates in it were off by 2 months, since I didn't have a clear idea and I ended up putting them as what I remembered.
My H1B was approved and so was my second one, however, now I realize that it does not match what was my actual date of working was (I know this is my own fault)

I'm currently unable to get any information/response from employer A about paperwork, no responses to emails but I still am friends with some people who used to work with me then.
My questions:

1. I intend to show someone working there in Employer A as a supervisor of mine and get a letter from them (on a letterhead) indicating I worked there with the required skill set for the time I have shown in my resume.
   If USCIS does check, do they check by calling the person or do they call HR?
   The person would answer any questions, however if they call HR, that is going to be a problem due to unresponsiveness or the fact they might deny anyone writing such a letter.
   It's also been 10 years and I don't think they even maintain records that long, they might just refuse to acknowledge me.

2. If I can't show someone working there as my supervisor, can I show someone not working there as my former supervisor (I have a friend who was working there same time as me)?
   If so, does it have to be on his/her new company letter head? Would I have to possibly show secondary evidence (which I really don't have)?
   How can I avoid secondary evidence by using a former supervisor letter?

2. What exactly does USCIS check for companies back in India? I know paperwork is important but they can't be expecting me to give them 10 yr old joining letters and such.
   Do they call the companies themselves or individuals in this case?

I would appreciate any help on it, considering I don't have not much time left before my case is picked up USCIS.

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