visa stamped successfully in Ottawa on Feb 18th


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The process was pretty fast I had 8.15 appt. I was right in with in few mins. Interview officer wasn't in pleasant mood what so ever but he asked me coupe of questions like what you do, company details and how long u been with company etc.. He finally issued visa and told I would get an update by end of this week.

 Did anyone attend the interview today? I was to get more info about passport pickup etc.

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I appeared for my interview on the 23rd of Feb 2015, My appointment was at 9.30 AM, arrived at the consulate at 9.05 AM, Please note that they will only allow the candidates half hour early before the actual interview appointment time, so do not go to the consulate much ahead of time.


- My Visa interview experience:


Greeted the visa officer with a friendly " good morning, how are you doing today"


1) V.O : what do you do for the company

Me: I told her my designation and a brief explanation of my job duties


2: V.O : How many employees does the company employ

Me: Answered the question with an approximate head count


3: V.O: Do you have any team members working with you

Me: Mentioned the number of team members working with me


4: V.O : What does your company do?

Me: Mentioned the company name with the product portfolios and the services offered (I am a group lead at a leading Automotive supplier)


5: V.O : Can I see your bank statements

Me: gave her the statements


6: V.O : why did you join this company

Me: Told her that the profile was good and also receved a 30% hike in the salary.


7:V.O: Your visa is approved

Me: Thank you


Some pointers based on my visa interview,


- Smile when you greet the officer

- Listen very carefully to the questions posed by the visa officer, don't make them repeat the questions

- Reply in a clearly audible tone and slowly

- do not rush with your answers

- Be confident and answer to the point, do not elaborate un-necessarily

- Dress smart, wear formal attire with tie ( I was wearing a shirt with Company logo on it) , it might sound trivial, but trust me it makes a good impression of you and the company you work for.

- More importantly - stay calm and breathe, if you appear to panic, the V.O will have second thoughts about you.


Hope this helps

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