Who needs to file I824 "follow-to-join" for my spose? Is it me as an application or my employer as petioner?


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My GC (via EB2 - I485) is approved 3 months back and I'm trying to get my wife who's in India presently. We got married before my GC is approved.   I'm trying to apply I824 "follow-to-join" for my wife. 


To do the "follow-to-join" I824 application for him, who needs to file the I824?


- should I do as an applicant? (means can I enter my name as applicant and sign the application) or


- should my employer file I824 (as petitioner) since it's based on my previous I140 approval, which employer applied earlier and got it for me?


(I have made all paper works, but I see some conflicting answers for this question).


Appreciate your response on this.


Thank you.

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