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Due to a upcoming travel close to the Apr 1 deadline, my employer is of the view it would be safe to apply for a H1B visa through consular processing. I am currently on F1 visa which expires in June 2015 and I can extend my F1 status for 17 more months with a STEM extension. I have the following concerns with consular processing.


1. Is there a specific timeframe after H1B is approved by which I have to go back to India and then move from F1 to H1B?

2. Does consular processing go in the same lottery pool as a normal application?

3. Are there any limitations around switching jobs after getting a H1-B approved?
4. Are there any hassles in getting a visa stamped from a US embassy in India
5. Are there any long term implications in getting an H1B visa through consular processing?
It would be great if I can receive a response to these questions. Thanks.
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There isn't any consular processing of an H1.

An H1 petition is always handled by USCIS in the US. An H1 petition may be filed with change of status or without. A COS requires that you are in the US in a valid non-immigrant status.

All a consulate does is issuing an H1 visa. You need a visa if you travel abroad and want to come back in a particular status.


This particular forum is about Consular Processing of a Greencard, which is something completely different.

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