H1B Transfer while i-140 Premium Processing


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  My Labor was approved recently and my employer A has agreed to do premium processing of i-140 application. Hence in 15 calendar days from the day of application I should have my Priority Date locked.


But, I have got another offer from employer B. Employer A is still in the process of creating the application materials to file i-140. But Employer B wants me to join them asap and wants to start H1B transfer.


I have made clear to Employer B that I can only join after I get my i-140 approved to which they agreed. Now,


1. Will employer B starting H1B transfer hurt my i-140 application by Employer A?

2. Even after H1B transfer is complete, I plan to stay with Employer A until i-140 is approved and then join Employer B. Does this sound okay? or are there any risks?


It would be very helpful if folks can advise on my situation.




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