H1-B Approved after 221-G @Ottawa-01/13


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Hi All,


Thanks for Murthy Forum and the folks who have posted there experiences and here is mine.


I have attended for my F1-H1 Visa Stamping at Ottawa Consulate on 01/13, and here is the details:


Just an Overview of my case: I had Graduated in US and worked in OPT and applied for H1-B in 2014 Quota. And i am working in EVC Model.



Me: Good Morning Officer.

VO: Hello, Good Morning.


Passed Passport along with I-797, DS-160 Confirmation..


VO: Is XXXX your Employer?.

Me: Yes..


Vo: What do you do for them?

Me: Prgm system Analyst.


VO: So, you studied in XXXX University?

Me: Yes.


VO: When did you Graduate?

Me: XX Year.


VO: Which location do you work?.

Me: Area...


VO: Who is your Client?

Me: Bla...


VO: Which place do you stay and what is the distance between Home and Office?.

ME: Bla Bla..


VO: Can you please pass on Client, Vendor, Employer letters along with Pay stubs and I-129?.

Me: Gave it to him.


VO: We need some time to review your case, which may take upto 2 weeks. And issued 221g White with No Additional Documents asked..

Me: OK. Thank You.


He Kept all the documents i gave to him, and gave back my passport.


On 01/15: My Client Manager received a Call and EMAIL from Ottawa Fraud Prevention unit to confirm my Employment along with Start Date, End Date of project along with Address I work at. He replied on the same day in am EMAIL as he was unable to take the call at that time.


On 01/16: Received EMAIL in the AM from Embassy to Submit my passport. I went on the same day and submitted my passport and they returned all the documents taken on visa day. And told they will forward my case to VO for Approval of My Visa.


On 01/20: Status in CEAC Changed to Issued, as 01/19 is a Holiday.


On 01/21: I Picked it from Loomis.


On 01/22: Came Back to US.


POE Question:

1. Where are you going?.

2. What do you do there?.


I stayed as a Paying Guest at a Desi Family (Raja Malan), the stay was very good and they took care where well.


Over-All Experience in Ottawa: I never had any 221-g's issued earlier, but for the first time in life i had to go through so much tensions and mental pressure during that 2-3 day window until they called me to submit my passport. But i can say, i may be one of the luck guys by gods grace to have my 221g cleared within a week when comparing to other folks.


I can't say which place is better for Visa Interview, but we need to plan for worst.


Thanks & Regards..


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