Status change from f1 to h1B during grace period after OPTX expires


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My OPTX expires on January 25th 2015. My H1B will be filed by a University during the 60 day grace period. Can I change to another non-immigrant status (i.e from F1 to H1B) during this period? Will I have to leave the country and get stamping done in my country to return to the states?


Thank you.

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u can stay in the country but why to take a chance???? Just have them file the h1b and leave the country after it gets approved. But my recommendations are in case only if petition is real and u have a real project.

what about the cap gap status??? DO u not fall under that. I am not aware of the complete story in ur case....

But the best advice is to leave the country immediately and play by the rules. There is almost 98 % chance of u getting stamped with out a single problem.

Ur choice.

More u delay more trouble you invite.....

Right decision at the right time and quickly makes your life easier...

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