I-485 has incorrect classification EB3_Porting from EB3 to EB2


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I filed I-485 with I-140 receipt notice in Oct'14 when my I-140 case was pending. My case is porting EB3 to EB2. After 15 day I got I-140 Eb2 approval and receipt notice of I-485. On I-485, everything is fine only Classification is wrong- it's eb3 not eb2. 

I spoke to my attorney, he sent new I-140 and also raised service request to make correction in I-485 a month ago. No response from uscis so I called them and customer service read update on my case that " refer to your I-140 for classification. we will not send new receipt as it serve no purpose" ...i don't remember exact phrase. 

I worried how its going to affect when PD will be current(Aug 2008)? Should I take infopass appointment and go to local visa office to make sure there will not any issue? 

FYI.....I got my EAD and AP last week. 

Please help.

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Thanks for your response, Ashuneel.


Priority date printed on I-485 is corrected and retained my earlier priority date(aug 2008). Only issue with classification, instead of EB2 it's EB3.


I am going to file I-485 for my wife as a derivative whenever date is current and  i am concerned when i am going to send a copy of my I-485 receipt notice with her document, how is that going to affect her application?


I took infopass appointment but not sure how it will help.

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