H1B Stamping-in Mexico - Which consulate


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I am H1B holder with EB2- 140 Approved and in US from last 8 yrs. recently got 3 yr extension. I am planning to Go to Mexico for Visa stamping. Does any one have any input as to which consulate i should choose. Does any one have any input as to which one is better in terms of strictness, processing time, accommodation, location etc. 


I am planning to go in one of these (since i found those closer to US border)


Hermosillo, 3 hrs away from AZ border

Tijuana  - San diego border

Ciudad Juárez - New Mexico Border

Matamoros - Texas border


Any help and input is very much appreciated



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i went to Tijuana in January 2015. It was smooth.

First day for finger printing. They wont keep ur passport so u can come back to USA to spend night.


Next day is interview daye. This day they will keep the passport.So u need to spend one night atleast in mexico. Third day they will return passport at 3pm.After that u can come back to USA.U need to get new I94.

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@ Pank54-

Thank you very much Pank54. Congratulations for you visa. I am glad it went smooth. This is especially encouraging to me as I have changed my plan and I am actually going to Tijuana. I have got ASC appointment on Monday 2/23 and consulate one on 2/24. 

if you don't mind, do you think you can share the questions/documents asked at consulate. Also, any hotel recommendation in Tijuana?


Thanks again

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