Pros & cons of multiple H1B petitions 2015..Please Advice


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Hi Everyone,


I want to file two H1B petitions through two different consultancies(employers), please let me know the consequences for the following scenarios:


1) If both the petitions get picked in lottery

2) If only one petition is picked

3) Would there be any legal obligations if both the petitions get picked??



Few of my frenz have informed me that USCIS/DHL would take stringent steps if anyone files multiple H1B petitions.


Please guide, im totally confused with multiple opinions.


Thanks in anticipation 

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I found below answer for similar question in this forum itself


pradeep_can, on 16 Jan 2015 - 1:05 PM, said:
I have few queries:
a) Can I Apply H1B Visa With 2 Employers at Same Time?
b) If I can file two full-time position H1B petitions with two different employers, do I face denials for both? Is it legal to do so and increase the probability/possibility in lottery?
c) If both applications are picked in the lottery, then later to choose 1 employer to work?
2. Nope,But it won't increase any chances.
3. Yes.
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