H1B transfer and extension from new employer when i-140 approved for current employer is withdrawn. Not yet completed 6 years.


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I have new cap H1B approved in Oct 2014 from my current employer for 2 years (till oct 2016). My current employer started GC process while i was on L1B status and i have I-140 approved (this month) from current employer. So far I have just completed 2 years (on L1B+H1B) after re-entry in US. 
Today I have received offer from new employer with better prospect. My question is, how difficult it is to transfer H1B to new employer after I-140 is approved from current one ? and in my case what will happen to H1B extension if new employer doesn't file I-140 prior to H1B expiry (i.e. before oct 2016). Note: The extension would be prior to 6 year completion i.e. in 4th year and assume First Employer withdraws I-140 immediately.

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