GC for mother and disabled sibling

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    My mom and sister already has 5 yes of multiple visa and are currently in US ( approved stay is 6 months per visit)

I am US citizen and want to apply for their green card . I am clear on my mom's situation that once I apply 1-130 for her , she can stay here while it is being processed but I am not sure what are the options for my sister's GC. My sister has Down syndrome and  is 21 ( will be 22 May of this year) and cannot live without my mom , there is no other sibling or any close relative who can take care of her back home . Is there an option of her getting status changed ( GC) if I apply her with my mom or will it take regular time of 7 - 8 yrs ?  Should I apply and keep extending her stay here since she already has 5 yrs of visa ?Please advise, - thanks .

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